MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

If you’re wondering what server this is on, it’s on U.S.A

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed that video as usual.
So it’s my first time hacker hunting! I know I didn’t do so great, but as time goes on, I’m going to improve! (Hopefully…) Also, so will my awful editing and commentary ;D I spotted a fake Dolly and anon in monster Café, however I didn’t get the chance to message them cause my internet was playing up- which is also why my msp kept crashing .-. I’m going to do more on this, but some support for the series would be nice xD Tell me in the comments if you enjoyed, and who I should search up! Also, be expecting more videos, I thought of some amazing ideas! (And by I, I mean my girlfriend lol.) Thanks for watching, goodbye! ;D

Ps. I hope you liked the clickbait 😉

Twitter: Jemmass_hole
Instagram: Jemmass_hole

Link to twitter:

Other channel:
Just my backup channel (;

Skype: supperkitty8000games

Moviestarplanet- http://moviestarplanet.co.uk/

Msp accounts:

Main: Jemmmass Level: 28
Other: Supperkitty8000 Level: 30


(s)upperkitty Level: 15
supperkit8000 Level: 18
Jemmass HoIeia Level: *Not confirmed yet*

American account: (Moviestarplanet.com)

Jemmass HoIe
The ‘I’ in ‘HoIe’ is actually a capital ‘i’ so in all lowercase it’s: ‘jemmass hoie’. If you’re confused just copy and paste it (;

If you want me to go on other servers leave some suggestions in the comments on what server! If for some reason you feel like drawing/speed painting/ect my msp character you could send it to my instagram or post it as a picture on msp titled ‘Jemmass’. Thank you so much for all the activity on my channel recently! It means a lot to me (: I love reading any feedback you have on my channel’s content, and there’s always room for improvement (; I will try my best to make videos as best as I can! Thanks for reading ;D Byyye!
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MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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