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Unmasking Attacks To Sell Security Part 2

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At Producers Club Q3 2021, we continue the conversation from Part 1 ( by discussing cybersecurity news. Specifically, this ProPublica article, which details the recent prevalence of hackers targeting “The New Target That Enables Ransomware Hackers to Paralyze Dozens of Towns and Businesses at Once.”

You can read the full article

Déroule la description, ça ne te fera pas de mal!

Bon okay, j’ai tourné ça dimanche et je le mets que maintenant.
Pour ma défense j’avais vraiment la fleeeemme (que je n’ai plus maintenant) de faire la miniature.

Pour faire un khi, tapez & chi; au lieu de &khi;
Pour faire un dzêta, tapez & zeta; au lieu de &dzeta;
(Sans les espaces! les codes marchent, ici aussi.)

N’oubliez pas, ρ c’est un r, et π c’est un p.
Aussi, ça σ et ça ς ce sont des s.

Bref, merci d’avoir regardé c;

Temps d’ 15 minutes

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This is a joke- take a chill pill mayn
Otis Mcdonald Not for nothing
I do not own it~ I do not take credit for this extended version
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Practical Web Cache Poisoning Redefining ‘Unexploitable’

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Modern web applications are composed from a crude patchwork of caches and content delivery networks. In this session I’ll show you how to compromise websites by using esoteric web features to turn their caches into exploit delivery systems, targeting everyone that makes the mistake of visiting their homepage.

By James Kettle

Full Abstract & Presentation

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