Atera Demo and Product Tour | RMM PSA & Remote Access for MSPs

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Atera is an all-in-one RMM, PSA and remote access cloud based platform for Managed Service Providers. Richard Tubb is joined by Yasmin Simmons, Technical Customer Success Manager at Atera who takes him through a tour of their product.

Yasmin shares behind the scenes of Atera and touches on some stand out features and benefits they have integrated in.

0:00 Yasmin explains her role at Atera
1:29 What’s new in Atera?
2:29 Yasmin demonstrates the Atera dashboard
5:07 Is that a silent installation in Atera’s background?
5:30 What type of software does the patch management cover in Atera?
7:13 Can MSP’s share their scripts with one another in Atera?
7:32 Atera introduces a new feature a file transfer
09:11 Remote Connection feature
10:32 Is the Remote Connect included part of the licensing fee in Atera?
11:39 Does Atera have a 2 Factor Authentication?
12:23 Atera is a Saas based product
12:54 Is there granular security for your engineers in Atera?
13:37 Atera releases new features every month
14:56 Yasmin explains the threshold profile in Atera
17:23 Yasmin explains the alerts and tickets in Atera
20:36 Is there ways to be able to pause alerts in Atera?
22:02 Yasmin discusses patch management and IT automation profile in Atera
26:00 Atera offers many integrations and always adding more options
27:17 Is there preferential pricing for your partners in Atera?
30:09 Network Discovery is a great feature and opportunity to new MSP’s in Atera
31:54 How is Network Discovery licensed in Atera?
32:56 What are Atera’s various subscriptions/plans?
34:25 Yasmin discusses Audit Reports in Atera
35:10 How do you set up a Customers page in Atera?
37:30 Can you modify an SLA (Service Level of Agreement) in Atera?
38:11 Can each client have different profiles for different departments within Atera?
39:17 What do clients typically use the attachments for in Atera?
40:07 Creating a Billing Batch in Atera
42:43 Atera is rapidly evolving
44:45 How can you get in contact with Atera?
46:44 What are Atera’s investment costs?
50:00 Yasmin explains Atera’s referral feature

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