Being hacked while recordingmsp

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Open Me

Hey guys so welcome back to my channel!

Msp acc


I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks video
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Hi and welcome ♡
Finally getting the Diamond Pack, so sorry for the wait! What do you guys think of it?

What do you edit with?
♡ iMovie

What do you record with?
♡ QuickTimePlayer

What laptop do you have?
♡ Macbook Air 2020

When do you upload?
♡ Depends om my schedule, but i try to upload every week!

What are your accs?
♡ DK – Kitigaya
♡ DK – Kirigaya (male acc)
♡ US – Kitigaya
♡ CA – Kitigaya

Credit to Sara King for the song used in my intro ‘’Dreamz’’

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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