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I am aware that you can also earn a lot of fame by buying stuff, but it is not easy to earn star coins at the moment without buying them, so this is the most effective free way to level up, especially for non vips. Also with this method you can earn fame whenever you want and not just when you have coins. 🙂 I hope it helps!

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I hope I don’t get hate for posting this…

Written steps (watch video for a better guide tho): Use a BRAND NEW account. Get a year vip. Get a new pet. Level the pet to level 24 using the diamond shop system. Go to your room and feed the pet the “sparkly food” until full. (NOT Diamond food). Wash the pet until it is fully clean, then play with the ball until 15%. Then, level the pet to 99 using DIAMOND candy. Wait until your pet is completely hungry and says “Feed Me!” (it should be 24-25 hours) Feed it 3 sparkle foods. Wash fully again, then play with ball until 65%. Then, log on to mobile and play with the ball, hitting it 3 times. Log back in to PC and use diamond candy to level it to 100. Wait a few hours for your pet to show up on top.

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