How to Add Voiceover to Video Online Record + Upload Voiceover

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Add voiceover to videos with

Adding voiceover can add a level of depth to many montage, education, and comedy videos. It is one of the most important and useful video tools to learn. Learn how to add voiceover quickly, easily, and for free using our completely online video editor called Kapwing.

0:00 Voiceover uses + genres
1:18 Add voiceover using Kapwing
2:20 Recording your voiceover
3:04 Editing your voiceover
4:02 Exporting your video
2:34 Convert the clip to 9:16 aspect ratio
3:07 Adjust crop
4:00 Export & Upload to YouTube Shorts
4:32 Outro

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How to Add Multiple Audio Tracks to Videos (Free Online Editor):

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