How to Get free star Coins On MSP 100% WORKS

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I got so shook when I got more star coins So I decided to share it with you guys!!!! ♡♡♡

Hope this worked For you and helped you in some Way!

What should I do next?????

Here are the questions And if not found your question comment in below!

Does this work on PC??

I think so? Not sure but probably!! ♡

Is your other acc really Hacked??

Yes, I was really sad a girl took it and took all my items there I would appreciate if you guys Gave me auto!

Is this a Scam???

No, I have tried this many many times and it works don’t worry guys! This is not a scam!

Are you going to do A giveaway on msp??

Yes when I have lots of items!!

Will you do gacha Vids?

Yes when luni Creates more!

When will you do a Face Revel??

I think At…..90k??? Not sure But yeah if you what one Subscribe!!!

If you didn’t listen To the steps here they are!

Step 1: press games and press on Quiz

Step 2: Keep playing Until you win!

Step 3: when you win a thing will pop up and it will show your username next to it on the left a crown!

Step 4: don’t press the x Keep it until the 1st question you will here tin!

Step 5: Press X and leave the quiz and log out!

Step 6: put in your pass word And Go to you acc again

Step 7: There More star Coins!!! ♡

Guys Subscribe to my friend! Maitha’s fun World!!

And subscribe to Meh!!!! Yay So we can show you guys my face revel!!!!!!

Your sincerely,

Lina Playz! ♡

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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