How to get rare animations with Cheat Engine That Stay // Msp

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

I am pretty sure I am the first person to upload this video, sorry if I am not! I have know about this glitch since June or July I think and I’m finally leaking it to the public! ♥

Rare Animations

Home 1715
Rock On!!: 44
Stop It’s The 500
2012 Super 935
Tree 1699
Electric 1713
Skater 510
Black 1117
Dangerous 1346
Blow 111
LOL!!: 1034
Insane 845

Not Rare (Use These To Glitch With):

Boombox 3409
Do the 3412
Some Dance 3411
Water 3410
Casual 3407
Fancy Break 672

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all credit goes to tropicals as he founded most of this stuff out. I found out the animations glitch, rare status, rare colors, and cuss words glitches.

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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