How to glitch diamond items on MSP like a pro

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▸ I am the worst at glitching. So you better give me some credit for even trying to film this video???
Well if you didn’t get my braindead explanation, I will try to explain
1. Go on a character that has a diamond item you want to gift to another toon, or buy the item you want to gift.
2. Find the person you want to gift, click the present icon-thingy, then go to the page where the diamond item is.
3. You have to click an item on the same page where the diamond item is, click a normal item, in my case a non-VIP because the toon I gifted was not VIP.
3. You have clicked some random item on the same page as the actual thing you are giving away, click your profile and go on to awards.
4. Spam click the different award pages til your game starts to lag really bad.
5. When your game is laggy enough, (Be quick here), click “give gift” or whatever it says

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