How to Monitor Your Network Problem Children

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Ever have a switch stack member go down, but you didn’t find out until days later? Been frustrated because it’s easy to see which services on your load balancer are up, but hard to get individual pool member status? Network pros call hard-to-manage devices and services “problem children,” and THWACKcamp has helped viewers tame these troublemakers since 2012.

Join our Head Geeks Destiny Bertucci and Patrick Hubbard for a session on how to break past traditional monitoring limitations and deep dive into Network Insight for F5 load balancers, Cisco switch stack monitoring, and more.


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Hit with a False Flag? Learn to Fight Back

No Consideration! Why Can a Simple Giveaway Become an Illegal Gambling Operation on YouTube?

I never intended my videos on YouTube giveaways to cover every possible element of sweepstakes laws, however as months passed more disturbing forms of youtube giveaways came popping up. The biggest issue among these is consideration. Consideration is another term for payment, cost or price. You are not permitted to ever charge a participant in your giveaway or sweepstakes an entry fee. That seems simple. The problem is, however, that there are other sweepstakes rules that may not look to you like payment but is considered illegal entry fees into giveaways. This video is about such entry forms and sweepstakes rules of participation.

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