MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

thankyou guys soooo much
if you are confused how i levelled up twice watch the video i saved for a month and had 25m to collect and needed 26m to level 60 soo yeaa
hope you enjoyy & thanks for watching!:) don’t forget to subscribe, turn on post notifications, leave a like & comment!:)
main channel-

skype name – issieplaysmsp should come up if not try 🙂

msp accounts
uk main – izzywizzywooxox
uk backups – !Dark Shadow & CrazyyMofo(heart)
usa – crazyymofo(heart)
canada – itsissiex
irish – itsissiex
spain- issie
australia – itsissiee
new zealand – itsissiex
dutch- issiee

follow mee
instagram – @itsissiex
musical.ly – itsissiex
twitter – @itsissiex
snapchat – itsissie
main channel – itsissie
video star channel – itsissievs
gaming channel – issiexgaming

this was all a joke. dont take it seriously.
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MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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