M1 Mac Mini vs Intel i7 Mac Mini + eGPU for Pro Apps

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The M1 Mac Mini is powerful but can It stand up to an i7 Mac Mini with 64GB RAM and an eGPU with a 5700XT? Let’s find out!
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In this video we compare the 2020 M1 Mac Mini with 16GB of unified RAM to the 2021 Intel based Mac Mini with 64GB of ram in a variety of different tasks including the CPU and GPU performance and pro apps like Logic, Xcode, Photoshop, lightroom classic, and video editing in Final Cut Pro along with Cinebench and Geekbench for benchmarks and other tests like BruceX and Raw video editing.

I then connect an external graphics card unit eGPU with a 5700XT inside to which the M1 mac Mini currently can’t do to see if the i7 6-core intel mac mini can now smoke the M1 which only has dedicated graphics.

Timestamps ⬇️
M1 vs i7 Mini – 00:00
Prices & Specs – 00:53
Cinebench R23 – 2:08
Geekbench 5 CPU – 3:20
Geekbench 5 GPU Metal- 3:58
Gaming Test GFXBench – 4:35
SSD Speed Test – 5:13
Logic Pro Music Production – 6:05
Max Tech Xcode Test – 6:44
Lightroom Photo Editing – 7:37
Web Browsing Performance – 8:16
Final Cut BruceX – 8:45
4K Video Editing – 9:21
Video Stabilization – 10:17
10-bit 422 HEVC Playback – 10:47
R5 10-bit Transcoding – 11:32
RED RAW R3D – 12:46
Mac Mini + 5700XT eGPU – 13:19
Geekbench 5 eGPU – 14:16
Mac Mini eGPU vs M1 Gaming – 15:08
Logic Pro eGPU – 15:22
Xcode eGPU – 15:27
Lightroom Classic with eGPU – 15:33
Video Editing i7 + eGPU vs M1 – 16:13
10-bit HEVC eGPU – 18:24
RAW Video Editing with eGPU – 19:13
8K ProRes eGPU vs M1 Mac Mini – 20:09
Is the M1 Mac Mini Worth it? – 20:41


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