Moviestarplanet Fame and Starcoin Cheat

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

Moviestarplanet- Fame and Starcoin Cheat I am Gazelles in UK MSP.

hope you guys enjoyed the video ((:

as you can tell in this video, i decided to actually show off the fame hack me n darkkexploit put together along with some help from our friends Loch and Fabian.

If it weren’t for those guys this hack probably wouldn’t of become possible so thanks to them.

as said in the beginning of the video, this account is now locked so dont be trying to add it as i cant get into it anymore lmao. Also, again this tool is NOT FOR SALE!!!! you cannot buy the tool itself because as said once again in the video, it can and will definitely be abused.

My HD#6722

For people who are also wondering how this works, i will not tell you lol. i dont need kids running back to msp because they cant have this for their own trying to tell them how to patch it.

lastly when it comes to buying levels, we only take paypal payments, not psc (paysafecard).

once again hope you guys enjoyed the video, like and sub if you havent already (trying to hit 2k) comment if you want and also share the video with others.

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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