MovieStarPlanet Unlimited StarCoin Hack 2019 for iOS iPHONE

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Hope you guys enjoyed the video (:
(Please read description FULLY to understand things in this video)

What does this new tool do?:
Basically it can really unban any account as long as you have the username and password plus the actorid of the account which the tool can detect for you wih a click of a button. Unfortunately the only real problem with unbanning accounts is MSP’s systems. Seeings its defying MSP and basically unbanning users without them really knowing, it pretty much wipes everything off of the account forcing you to start over from level 0 and as a noob looking user, but at least you kind of still have your account back with the same name and stuff. Besides that, this tool can also be used for bad purposes (not telling you so that you do it, only telling you just in case something was to happen or someone else had the tool and they had your account) which pretty much even with a non-banned account it will completely delete the persons account and recreate the account right after with the same password if you choose to set it as that forcing them to start all over again and basically pissing them off so much they wanna die and or wanna get you back, so heads up there lol. This tool also bypasses email verification which if the user has a registered email on the account you could still unban/delete & recreate the account without having to verify by email and confirming which makes this tool extra dangerous lol.

How much does it cost?:
I have talked to a lot of people and they all agreed that about 15 pounds (GBP; British Pounds; Currency) would be a reasonable price range for a tool like this.

Can I hack users with this tool?:
Not really, this isn’t a password cracker, never said anything about hacking an account in this video. This tool is mainly created for good purposes to somewhat get banned accounts back or something.

PL Account In Video (Probably taken by now):
Add me via Discord if you got anymore questions HD#6722
Discord Server

MissGlam MSP

Once again hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you in the next video pce! (:

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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