MovieStarPlanet VIP Client 2018 CREATED BY DårkkEXPLOIT & Desource

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DarkkSourcedVIP client created Desource & DarkkEXPLOIT
Welcome to the final project that we are making for MovieStarPlanet.
During our times here we have enjoyed every second and so on doing the
things we do for the people who play this game.

We thank everyone who has supported us along the way to our end here.
This is not where our channels themselves end, just for MovieStarPlanet.

DarkkSourcedVIP client is… Well, obviously a VIP client in which
players can connect and be able to manipulate the game itself in some ways
making them think that ur user is indeed a VIP when really it might not be.

We recommend this tool by the way to be used on accounts that do not have
VIP already.

There are multiple features for this client and there is also much more
to come. Yes, there are gonna be multiple updates on this client and maybe
tons of videos being made on it especially by famous MovieStarPlanet

For those of you that do not know how a client works. Basically, once you
connect to it once again it will make the game think you are a VIP when
most likely you are not. Within that you can do some VIP things.
(You can check the current features tab inside the program or continue reading)
The only thing is with a client that there is something called “client-sided”
which means that only the users that are connected to the same client as you
can see what you see in game. If you disconnect from client then everything
will return to normal but you can always reconnect again afterwards.


* VIP, Judge, and Celeb on any account
* Get VIP items on wishlist
* Can go into VIP lobbies
* Can change colored text for status
* Can earn more fame and starcoins from rewards etc
* VIP chats
* Choose between StarVIP, SuperVIP, or the secret GenericVIP (;

-There will definitely be a lot more to come as we are looking through
everything so you can easily check for further updates

Once again we hope everyone enjoys this client, it is once again our final project
and really thanks very much for the support.

If you guys have ANY questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact
us VIA discord (We no longer use skype)

Desource’s HD#6722
DarkkEXPLOIT’s Darkk#2004

Farewell (:


MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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