MSP Diamond Hack Tool *NOT CLICK BAIT*

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Hey guys, I was bored so i had to show a tool which can be use in a diamond shop for free. No paying bloody diamonds.
I do have to warn you, If you’re not familiar with basic programming, this can be tricky for you 🙂


1. Open up ‘Cheat Engine’
2. Now click that ‘computer logo from the top left’
3. Now, search for the logo google chrome.

4. Now find and click ‘Value Type’ and change 4 bytes to ‘String’.
5. Now enter your username in the Hex section
6. Now click first scan

7. Your username should pop up, now just click ‘New Scan’.
( If your name doesn’t pop up, restart the process again and find another logo of google chrome )

*Because YouTube is being a rat, they deleted half of my description.. I will advice you to watch the whole video*


Hey Guys! Thanks for watching another glitch of mine 🙂 Dont forget to check out the rest of my glitches.

Starcoin & Fame Hack

1.Open charles
2. Press record and click the piggy bank
3. Press breakpoints
4.There should only be one tab open
5. click Edit response, AMF, Execute
6. If it dosent work the first time try again doing the same process
7. Bam! you have 1000000 starcoins and fame xDD

Download Charles Proxy –


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MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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