MSP Hack/Cheats 2018 Free Starcoins and Diamonds WORKING

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

Today I’ll show you how to hack MSP. This is very simple video tutorial – whole process will takes you about 5 minutes. This MSP hack can generate unlimited starcoins and diamonds. It works on all android and iOS devices. If you’re playing on desktop it should work too as it is 100% online and server based tool. All you need to do is enter your username. The rest is in video.

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If you don’t have MSP already please use this

hope you guys enjoyed the video!

We now have a blacklist in which if you do not want to buy the tool you can just pay 5 pounds to get one of your msp users on the blacklist in which will prevent someone who has the tool to target your account.

Another thing is people who buy the tool can also get one of their users on the blacklist for free but will then have to pay to add more.

So yeah, me and DarkkEXPLOIT finally got around to fixing the password cracker as much as we could and in this video I am showing you how it works and cracking some accounts i gathered.

PLEASE This password cracker is NOT 100% guaranteed to crack EVERY account that you want. It takes time and there will be points where you cannot even crack the account with the tool so please just keep that in mind.

20 Pounds/Lifetime
How to Contact either Desource or DarkkEXPLOIT via Discord

My HD#6722
Darkks dexp.#2004

How the tool
Basically you open it, register an account for the tool in order to login and fully access and to begin using it. You then gather any kind of password list in a .txt file in which will be imported into the tool. Select the server in which the user you want to try and hack is from, along with entering their username into the textbox below it. Once done, click start in the tool and the tool will go through all the passwords you imported into it to try and crack the account. If successful, it will give you the password, if not then try getting another password list of some sort and hopefully will then be able to get the account but if its still not working then im sorry the account is just not able to be cracked.

Our discord

Once again hope you guys enjoyed, this is our last MovieStarPlanet tool fix and we will cya later

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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