MSP is hacked Pixi Star Zach Sky and Holly Nova

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

Hi guys so today I went on my backup (as my main is locked until tomorrow!) and I discovered that Pixi star and all the other administrators had been hacked so I did the best thing I could do is record and take screenshots of everything that is going on


I even prove it in the video! I feel like we should all be aware that this stuff can happen and keep all of your younger siblings, friends, cousins etc including yourself safe while on these online games! I recall no one time Pixi star has been hacked apart from all of the ones that have been click bait… this time sadly it was not, thinking about still shocks me a little, that someone can get on the platform, you have to be extremely care and take care of yourself online! Don’t share ANY details about you or your family or friends without their permission and an adults permission! Stay safe online please! Thank you and I appreciate you all – Kalipsia X

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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