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As a Red Hat Certified Engineer, Rob has worked with MSPs as a consultant and service provider of carrier grade technology (often powered by commercial open source software) since 2008. He has built provisioning systems that still run in carrier data centers today and is a veteran in the software defined networking space. Rob enjoys bridging the gap between talented teams of people in sales, development, and operations to bring plans together and get products to market faster.

We’ll discuss topics like SD-WAN, TCP-BBR, WAN Optimization, and Network Detection & Response.

0:00 Intros
2:30 What is Leadfoot Technology Group?
7:28 What exactly is SD-WAN?
13:00 OmniNet / MyDigitalShield
15:20 SASE + QOS
25:00 Explain Like I’m Five

30:25 Starting Over 5Gbe connection
34:30 TTFB
41:30 Replibit (hear me out…)
44:30 Custom software
49:30 ISP Visibility
54:50 I got jokes…
58:10 Multiple Hops SD-WAN

1:05:48 Stop Part 2
1:05:55 Start Part 3 – Evil hacker man
1:09:00 MTU size 1472
1:15:30 macOS Terminal Troubleshooting
1:21:00 Visual Troubleshooting
1:24:30 Terminal again

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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