NEW HACKER ON MSP 2018 MovieStarPlanet Hacker Hunting WITH MY SISTER #4

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the video!!
In this video I go hacker hunting with my sister, and we encounter a new hacker who says they’re going to hack us! 😮
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So, I’d just like to say in the description here that this was recorded some time in February I think, and since then I’ve gotten to know ’847Trickster’ a bit and she’s actually a really nice person, in this video I was just messing around with my sister but just in case there’s any confusion or anything, I want to say I was only joking around in this video, she’s actually a really nice person and if anyone’s going to message her, I’d appreciate it if you could be nice to her! 🙂 If you’re watching this around the time I uploaded it, I’m going to post part 2 next Saturday (9th of June), and that video gets a little crazy, and there’s ACTUALLY a hacking involved in it, but I don’t want to give away what happens to when it comes out I’ll leave an end-screen card thing at the end of the video to it! Also (and I know I literally say this every time I record with my voice haha) I’m sorry if it sounds awful, I had some problems with my headset so I had to record with my mac’s microphone so it may not sound the best, sorry! And thank you to my sister who finally agreed to be in a video with me lol, her UK username ‘Starable01’ 🙂 Thanks for watching/reading!!

Music I used in this video (all can be found in YouTube’s Audio Library!)

1. Lovable Clown Sit Com by Sir Cubworth
2. The Farmer In The Dell (Instrumental) by The Green Orbs
3. Toy Piano by Wayne Jones
4. Claudio The Worm by The Green Orbs
(Also I used a song called ‘Mii Channel Theme, but noot’, on YouTube, you should be able to find it if you search for it! :D)

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(I don’t really use it that much right now, but I might start using it soon!)



‘Jamus Hoie’
‘Eggwienaa’ (Eggwiena’s account)
‘Jemmass HoIeia’
(In all lower case my username ‘jemmass hoieia’. The ‘I’ in ‘HoIeia’ is actually just a capital ‘I’) (If it’s a bit confusing, just copy and paste my username and it’ll show up!)

American (

‘Jemmass HoIe’
The ‘I’ in ‘HoIe’ is actually a capital ‘i’ so in all lowercase it’ ‘jemmass hoie’. (If it’s a bit confusing, just copy and paste my username and it’ll show up!)



‘Jamus Hole’

If you want me to make an account on a different server, be sure to let me know what ones in the comments! These are my only accounts, however I really only go on my UK main ‘Jemmmass’ and sometimes my US account. Thanks for watching/reading!! 🙂

MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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