OITVOIP Partner First Webinar Blocking Malicious Content for WFH Professionals with DNSFilter

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OITVOIP Partner First Blocking Malicious Content for WFH Professionals with DNSFilter.

What do malicious domains look like in 2021? And how do you prevent employees from accessing them at home? DNSFilter is a content filtering solution that blocks domains at the DNS level, which makes it ideal for the new remote world. Find out what these modern threats look like and get a demo of DNSFilter to see how you can prevent end users from encountering these sites.

Join us on this insightful webinar hosted by Ray Orsini | CEO of OITVOIP, Josh Lamb | Marketing Director at DNSFilter and Serena Raymond | Content producer at DNSFilter as they review blocking malicious content for WFH professionals with DNS Filter. The event will be hosted live on Jan 7th at 1:00 pm EST on our OITVOIP YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Be sure to follow us and subscribe to not miss out on this valuable presentation.

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