RMM Release Notes October 2020 | EDR new Agents macOS compatibility and more

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We’re pleased to let you know that we have promoted the latest Windows Agent, v10.9.16, to be the new Generally Available (GA) agent. This version includes a number of feature improvements, bug fixes and security updates over the last few weeks and months

It’s important that you regularly update your RMM Agents, please migrate your Windows devices to this latest version at your early convenience. You can do this for all your devices by clicking ‘Agent’ in the top menu bar, then select ‘Agent auto-update settings’.

To remind you, our latest Linux v2 agent (see RC and GA for details) is greatly improved and we very much encourage you to deploy the new version on any Linux devices still running the old v1 agent. The Mac Agent has also received many updates in the last few weeks, with the latest RC supporting Remote Background Management and the current Mac GA offering Apple profile configurations.

TeamViewer Take Control Upgrade

We’ve been working on a significant update to the TeamViewer option for Take Control. We’re switching to a new TeamViewer service which brings the feature up to date with their latest version, v15.9.

It also means that it no longer needs the ‘TVC’ file to initiate the remote access session. Instead, it ‘just connects’ in a much more seamless way. As part of this update, we’ll be releasing an updated ‘Viewer’ for TeamViewer Take Control, which will be available to download from the ‘Remote Access’ menu in the RMM dashboard. Note that this viewer is backward compatible and will work with the previous TeamViewer Take Control version as well.

This update will be deployed using a new Windows RC Agent, v10.10.0, so you can test the new connections on your inhouse devices. We plan to release this update in a few days’ time.

In addition, please note that as part of this upgrade, it will no longer be possible to use the standalone TeamViewer integration option. Partners who use this option instead of Take Control are kindly advised to switch to Take Control instead, where you have the choice of using the newly upgraded TeamViewer solution, or our own SolarWinds engine, which includes many additional policy options. Devices that switch to the new v10.10.0 agent will no longer be able to connect using the standalone setup. This will extend to all devices once this Agent goes GA in a few weeks’ time.

Performance Monitoring Checks for Workstations

We’re pleased to let you know that in this week’s update, we are introducing a set of checks for workstations that were previously only available for With the latest Windows RC Agent, you’re now able to add Performance Monitoring Checks, along with Web Page Checks and the TCP Service Check, to workstations for the first time, expanding RMM’s out-of-the-box monitoring.

To see and apply the new checks, update your workstation to the latest Windows RC Agent, v10.10.1. The Performance Monitoring Checks will also be added automatically when you run the check detection scan on new device installs with this agent or when you select this option with the Monitoring Templates feature.

This follows on from this update earlier in the year to make the default settings for the Performance Monitoring Checks more accurate.

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