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In today’s video I show you my method for getting star coins and star rider on #starstable! I am asked a lot by young people the best way to get star coins and star rider. These are the best tips I could come up yes. Yes, they have worked for some people. I live stream every day at 2PM & 6PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). We do a combination of activities including horse training, championships, questing, racing, and more! Please subscribe and turn on notifications to join in on the fun.

My username is Fabiana Pinksea and I am on the American server Pumpkin Meadow. On Pumpkin Meadow, I own a club called Queen Dandelions. Our club website is here, {}.

• Do you have horses in real life? Yes, I have 2; Lilly (paint) and Champ (quarter horse).
• My favorite horse in SSO and in real life is the Fjord and Haflinger.
• Do you have any pets? Yes 1 dog named Bueller. Papillon 5 y/o NM. 2 horses mentioned above.
• Can I friend you/join the club? If I have room, yes. If not, I’m sorry it is full. I wish I could be everyone’s buddy and have everyone in my club Queen Dandelions!
• Can I send a Super Chat? Only donate if you have your guardian’s permission or if you are over 18 years old! Donating will not get you any type of virtual item. Consider donations a big thank you for what I do! I appreciate it. No refunds on Super Chats or Patreon.
• How do I become mod? Please do not ask for mod. Characteristics I look for in mods are kindness to others, respect, and being helper with the stream chat.

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– Star Stable Online is an online multiplayer horse video game. In Star Stable players is a horse simulation game where you can do horse racing and horse questing.

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