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Lang ist es her 3 | Livestream | MalibuStacy

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i’m here


► more malibu

@MalibuStacy #5888

► game
⤷ StarStableOnline
backberry galaxy – 7
name : amadea pandabear

► equipment
🎬 imovie, FinalCutPro
🎤 QuickTimePlayer
💻 MacBook Air

► Musik
Jackob Tilberg – Feel you

m a r l e n e ♡

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Alliegator Livestream || Giveaways every 5 subs Animal Jam Trying to somehow use a mic

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I’m a streamer with no mic (So I resort to using an a lot account on discord and use my mic from that lol that’s why it echos), I try to be nice to everyone I can!


How to enter the
1: Sub to me, if you are going to unsub after then don’t sub at all.
2: Enter your ANIMAL JAM USERNAME when I say it’s giveaway time.
Please do not complain about the prize and if you win once in the stream you won’t be able to win again in the stream you won in.

AJ Alliegator523
Have a great day!


Hello guys, I own nothing, all rights go to their rightful owners. This intro song is instrumental version of bang bang by Jesse j and Ariana grande, If you have any questions you can ask me on MSP but I am more likely to answer in the comment section. Please like and subscribe!☆

☆ imovie (For mac users)
☆Screen QuickTime Player ( Mac computers!)

USA !!Fre$h!!

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