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♡ MSP How To Glitch Rare Eyes + Lips ♡ Bratz Face Tutorial *NOT PATCHED*

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i wonder if i left my body there would i die right in my sleep . . .

・BRATZ EYES IDS ・ 110 ・ 0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0
・SKI EYES IDS ・ 115 ・ 0x0,0x0
・ANIME EYES IDS ・ 106 ・ 0x0,0x0
・HALLOWEEN EYES IDS ・ 98 ・ 0x0,0x0,0x0
・ETERNAL EYES IDS ・ 119 ・ 0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0

・BEGGINNER EYE IDS ・ 68 ・ 0x3A2505,0x2C1D07


・BEGGINNER LIPS IDS ・ 65 ・ 0xad765c

𓆩 ♡ 𓆪

UK ACCOUNT : glossier
TR ACCOUNT : internet angel


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*PATCHED* Buying the Billie Diamond Pack WITH MELVILLE VPN HACK ♡ Kitigaya MSP

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Hi and welcome ♡
Today is buy the new Billie Eilish diamond pack on the DK server – BUT i use VPN to make it MUCH cheaper!
Try it out for yourself! ♡

Link to Melvilles

What do you edit with?
♡ iMovie

What to you record with?
♡ QuickTimePlayer

What laptop do you have?
♡ Macbook Air 2021

When do you upload?
♡ Thursday and sunday, sometimes more!

What are your accs?
♡ DK – Kitigaya
♡ DK – Kirigaya (male acc)
♡ US – Kitigaya
♡ CA – Kitigaya

omg i got hacked on msp! ♥

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Msp Hack For Mac 2016 patched

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(Msp hack)

Thank you all so much for watching and welcome to my channel

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How to get Guy clothes on msp MACBOOK PATCHED*

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hey plz sub i cant wait til 20 sbs love ya if ya do

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Rare Colors Hack Patched I think || Blockstarplanet

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Hi guys im back!
Since you guys keep asking me how I do rare colors I put it all in one video

Color Picker (Chrome):

And yes I just now realized my mouse was not on the screen sorry for that 🙁

betrayed – usa
félicie – usa
vísa – tr
CuwMilk – Roblox

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