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My First Diamond Ride #MSP 22

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I wanted to chat with YOU all this week and play some games. Oh and I also did my first first Diamond Ride! Thanks to everyone who came!! ❤️
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MSP Diamond Ride Glitch

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MSP Diamond Ride Glitch

✎ Hey Guys! Thanks for watching. In this video I show you how to get a free diamond ride, This is a funny prank to do by trolling people into thinking their getting money its a lot of fun Enjoy. ヅ

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▼ Diamond Ride Glitch ▼

1. Go into a chat room
2. Open up Charles proxy
3. Once Charles is open turn off breakpoints and keep recording
4. Turn recording off and leave only breakpoints on
5. Once done that there should only be one tab on breakpoints open, if there is more than one you may have to start over and follow the instructions again.
6. Click edit response, Execute, AMF
7. There should be 2 little icons saying data and code click edit and add TRUE instead of false, in the data section instead of -2 add 0
8. Execute

And that’s it I hope that helped! ♥

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