MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

hey in this video I tested out 5 glitches on msp, if you’d like to skip to the part that you’re most interested in, check the list below. I am also aware literally everyone knows these, but, to all my fellow new msp people, here are a couple tips 🙂

1) buying rares in 0:31-1:42 & 1:58-2:25 .
2) buying rares with a 1:42-1:58
3) drip top 2:25-3:59
4) artbook/starcoin 3:59-4:34
5) glitching vip items to 4:34-5:44
6) how to get vip lips/eyes if your non 5:44-7:01

oof, unfortunately, I got mixed up in the video, for the glitch that comes after the starcoin one, that was supposed to be glitch #5, and the one after, glitch #6.

FOR FUTURE if some of the tricks i showed in this video are soon patched or already patched, please dont accuse me of lying okay ty x

sorry xx

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MovieStarPlanet Hack HERE

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