VaccTrack A Universal Digital Certificate Company. How it works

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VaccTrack is a vaccination and immunization application designed to track your recommended shots of Vaccine,
Establish and match on a centralize platform Medical Service Providers and patients/users being vaccinated.
The application shall ensure the safe and secure data collection of individuals being vaccinated and the Issuance of a secured and universally accepted proof of vaccination, which shall be transmitted electronically by email, fax or text message (SMS, WhatsApp etc..).

Accounts, Inventory and Centralize individuals to be vaccinated against any virus, It Validate the credential of Medical Service Provider (MSP) administering the one or two doses of the vaccine using an NPI# or DEA# which are verified in real time.
MSP’s shall inject the Patients with one or two doses of the vaccine (COVID-19 Vaccine)

A unique QR code or passcode is subsequently generated to each vaccinated user which would be printed on the certificate.
It aims to Efficiently Streamline groups of individuals that need to be vaccinated in priority classes such as medical personal, elderly, immunocompromised individuals, government workers, members of the law enforcement community etc.

It will provide a cloud based universal platform for all relevant data pertaining to the individuals being vaccinated, and the issuance of a universal secured encrypted vaccination certificate
QR code and passcode generator will be issued and licensed to MSP’s Vaccination Online Certificate Issuer would be a function of the platform/software MSP’s shall be the field Vaccine Administrator Patient shall register in the app using simple registration, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profile. The simple registration shall be performed with a verified email account and a verified phone number with a six-digit numerical passcode being generated for enhanced security.

Individuals Vaccinated stored on a cloud database to avoid duplication and conduct an efficient and more streamlined vaccination campaign
Upon completion of the injection a QR code shall be scanned or read with an iOS iPhone or Android phone that will issue an encrypted 128- or 256-bit certificate
Certificate is issued to a name, it will carry blood type rhesus, Date of Birth, City, State and Country of vaccination, and the Issue date, vaccine manufacturer.
Vaccination Certificate issued is then displayed on the VaccTrack application, it could constitute a health credential and shown using a smart phone or Tablet or shall be converted to a PDF, JPEG file to be sent by Email, Text Message (SMS), Faxed or sent though WhatsApp etc.…
The platform will host a function named Vaccwatch which is a sophisticated Side Effects where injected/vaccinated recipients will be able to self-report their side effects and detail any adverse reactions experienced in accordance with their race, gender, age group, ethnic background, location and translate into an easy-to-read chart.


The last one got taken down, but they put it back up. I will update the link if it gets taken down again, enjoy 🙂

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