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Hi everyone! Its me!! Okay so my 17 year old bro Drake downloaded a MSP generator for me (with permission from my parents) and my parents have allowed me to do this for u guys! I have vip im level 9 almost 10 and i wanna help u guys. For a LONG TIME my parents wouldnt get me VIP. Who else has parents like that? When i found this, they agreed cuz they didnt have to spend money. So hurry if you want before they take it down! DONT BELIEVE CERTAIN PEOPLE! If u want proof look at these
Lolzipop (she quit but her user’s still there)
Eye_of_the_tiger123 (same as lolzipop)
Tiny tempo
Monsteroony (same as lolzipop)
Simone444 (same as lolzipop)

See? Remember PM (private message) me and dont post it below so no one hacks u! If u cant private message me cuz u dont have a YouTube, message this tiny tempo. She is on the UK moviestarplanet. Thanks,

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